Appreciation post!!!

We did it..!!!!! Yeeeey.....every single step of growth is important I know it's just 100 likes!! But I'm super happy for the support you all have given, its been awesome and sharing it with you makes me more happy. Believe it or not this five likes made me feel so popular at that time!! compared … Continue reading Appreciation post!!!

The girl behind the blog (21st birthday)

Yeeeeey.....I'm finally 21 so  my brain is now fully grown and stuff haha!!(wait is this true??) 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 This is a get to know me post, why now ?? Because yesterday Was my birthday and we are officially 6 months old (been writing since January) So I got this questions from Google and I chose those … Continue reading The girl behind the blog (21st birthday)

Bizarre Beauty Trends Throughout History

Throughout history we (human beings)have always been image obsessed,some even go to extreme measures to achieve their standard definition of beauty!!!so you thought you'd seen it all from vampire facials to placenta treatments to exaggerated surgeries,well you haven't.. Back in the days elite people used to set the trends,queens,actors amd musicians but lately social media … Continue reading Bizarre Beauty Trends Throughout History

Bizarre Beauty Trends Throughout History (Pre post)

Throughout history men and women have gone to extreme measures to achieve their then beauty standards,as long as civilisation has existed women and men have subjected themselves to bizarre and dangerous beauty rituals and modern culture is still image obsessed just as it was in the old days and here is an example,, Dimple maker!! … Continue reading Bizarre Beauty Trends Throughout History (Pre post)

Communication courtesy

It a Friday afternoon and Jane has been working tirelessly for the past three months,so she decides She'll give herself a treat,she asks around for a salon and a Colleague refers her to a friends place. Jane doesn't waste anymore time she heads straight to the salon .Lisa is a cosmetologists ,as she waits for clients … Continue reading Communication courtesy

 Communication Courtesy

In todays world communicating skills are vital in every angle of our lifes be it at work or our social life. Talking is one thing that everyone can do but communicating is another which requires listening persuading and responses that are appropriate. The ability to consult your client and effectively explain the services and the … Continue reading  Communication Courtesy