The girl behind the blog (21st birthday)

Yeeeeey…..I’m finally 21 so  my brain is now fully grown and stuff haha!!(wait is this true??)


This is a get to know me post, why now ?? Because yesterday Was my birthday and we are officially 6 months old (been writing since January) So I got this questions from Google and I chose those that suited me most so let’s Me answer this questions!!πŸ’œ!!

  • Name –  Phoebe 
  • Age – 21
  • Weight – Im not sure( 50 or 52
  • Height – 5.1 or 5.2 ( actually I dont even know but I’m not short or tall,I’m somewhere in between but mostly close to short!!! 
  • Languages –Kiswahili,kikuyu & English 
  • Citizenship – Kenyan
  • Religion – Christian
  • How many siblings do I have – 2 (1 Bro and 1 siz and I’m the first Born)
  • Status – single likes nobody’s business.
  • Pets – zero and maybe never ever!!
  • Favorite food – all Kikuyu dishes!! (I can’t even list them coz you’ll probably understand none!)
  • Favorite book – The winning attitude by John C.Maxwell 
  • Favorite series at the moment – pure genius
  • Favorite TV show – I’ve not watched any TV show for almost an year now!!  (the hustle!!)
  • Favorite song at the moment – my song Alessia Cara
  • Favorite perfume – dont own any but anything moderate can do!!
  • Favorite colour – black and white
  • Favorite country – Kenya of course!!
  • Tattoos – none and never ever gonna get one!!
  • Piercings – 2 only ,but it took me 19 years to have the courage to Pierce my ears!!!
  • Places I want to visit- every part of the world if possible,GOD just made everything so perfect and beautiful!!
  • Post I’m proud of – my previous post Bizarre beauty trends throughout history it’s so far the best this post got me from 8 follower to 59 followers within a month!!! Need I say more??
  • The post I thought would do good but it didn’t – communication courtesy !! I really put a lot of my energy and time on this post but it just didn’t get where I expected it to get but I was fine with it anyway sometimes our beat is just not the best.
  • Why the name beauty by wanji – Wanjiru is my second name and wanji is my nick name which was given by my Mom around 2013 ,I was really happy because I never had a nickname before!! And I love every theoretical part of beauty and hair!!

You got any more questions, suggestion or advice drop a comment below and thanks so much for believing in me.lastly my highest views last month were from USA then Canada and Kenya πŸ’œ thanks #teamBBwUSA !!

✌peace out✌


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