Appreciation post!!!

We did it..!!!!!

Yeeeey…..every single step of growth is important I know it’s just 100 likes!! But I’m super happy for the support you all have given, its been awesome and sharing it with you makes me more happy.

Believe it or not this five likes made me feel so popular at that time!!

compared to my Instagram followers I was a little bit discouraged at first but then I slowly started gaining some following and it felt so good to get to 5 followers!! after months of trying to figure out how WordPress really works.

 It was so challenging to get to 5 followers (4 real months) so I never imagined I would get 50 within 3 weeks. We’re Currently at 78 and still moving!!✌

At 50 likes I couldn’t believe it,i was so happy And now I’m at 100 I can’t even express my joy!! I want to thanks WordPress for this awesome appreciation stars (couldn’t find better words to describe them!!) they’ve surely given me more motivation to do better and to aim higher!!! And thanks to you my followers and every person who’s ever taken time to read my posts!!Thank youπŸ’–

Drop a Comment on what beauty/ hair topic you’d want me to write about and also give a like and share!! 

It’s been real.

✌peace out✌


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