I’m Inlove with the Coco!! 

Coconut oil is life!!!well That’s according to me but i know I’m not alone on this,I’ve tried aloe vera extracts,the literal aloe vera on my skin and hair and it personally didn’t go well with my skin ,but I still love aloe’s they just don’t love me back!!

Coconut oil was my second trial and it worked perfectly with my skin and hair, so I decided to do a research on where Coconuts originated from and i was fascinated by this few discoveries and I just I had to share the info with you guys.

Here goes random,wierd,and healthy facts about coconuts……

Coco facts!!!

Coconuts apparently originated from Indonesia in India ,it distributed itself around the world by riding ocean currents. The term coconut can refer to the whole coconut palm aka cocos nucifera or seed or a fruit,which is a drupe not a nut. simply a Coconut is not a nut it’s a drupe!!

Cocos nucifera is a large palm that grows up to 30m ( 98ft) tall.coconuts are classified into two types, tall and dwarfs,on fertile soil a tall coconut palm can yield up to 75 fruits per year but it often yield 30.

Random & weird Coco facts

  • Coconut palace manila in Philippines is entirely built of coconut and local materials, it was built in 1978. It’s trunks are used to also build bridges and huts and That’s also where coconut timber comes from. 
    Photo cred: TripAdvisor
                            you can check out the hotels reviews and probably pay a visit to👇 https://www.tripadvisor.com.ph/Attraction_Review-g298573-d310875-Reviews-Coconut_Palace-Manila_Metro_Manila_Luzon.html              
  • The roots of a coconut palm tree are used as a dye,mouthwash and medicine for diarrhea and dysentery!! (The next time my stomach gives me a run ,I’ll get a shovel and take a train (SGR) to Mombasa and dig those freaking roots for myself,you should do the same to)
  • Coconut religion is real. In northern Philippines,the ilocano people fill two coconut shells with cooked sweet rice and place halved boiled eggs on to it as an offering made to the deceased or ancestors. It’s also an essential elements of rituals in Hindu tradition, its often decorated with bright metal foils,some even break the coconuts at a certain place ,some devotees break up to 108 coconuts at a time as per the prayer.
  • According to an urban legend falling coconuts cause more deaths than sharks!! Falling coconuts cause 150 deaths annually unlike sharks which causes approximately 5.
  • May 8th is National Coconut Cream Pie Day. This event was created to Honor a delicious pie made with coconut cream filling.
  • Coconuts can travel 110 days and 3000miles(4800km) by sea and still manage to germinate.
  • Apparently Newton wasn’t hit by an Apple on the head ,he was hit by a baby coconut (machinga) which was an inflected coconut tree.(how true is this?? Drop a comment below)

  Health Fact

Coconut oil is also used in the food industry but the proteins it consists of may cause food allergies like anaphylaxis!! Incase you notice your body isn’t reacting well with the oils seek medical advice!!

We hit 1000 views on Sunday thank you so much for your support,it’s highly appreciated.I hope enjoys my lengthy post (it has been a while since I did one) Every information on this post was derived from Google and coconut research institutes and I has So much fun finding out this great facts about coconuts.

share, like, comment on what you’ve loved most about coconuts and what you’d want me to research about next.

                                                ✌ peace out 


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