Mystery blogger award 

About two months ago I got nominated by an awesome friend Cassie from cassixmakeup for the mystery blogger award and the reason why I didn’t do the post immediately is because I had just done a get to know me post so I had to push this post further to date!! Cassie is one of the nicest people that I have made frenship with on WordPress and I wanna thank her a lot for choosing my blog for this award ,you’re such a gem Cassie.

The rules

  • Thank whoever nominated you and leave a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award, ssup okoto!!
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself.
  • Nominate 10 to 20 people.
  • Ask nominees any five questions of your choice.
  • Share the link to you best/favorite post!!

    Cassies questions are ✌✌

    1. Whats your favorite pizza topping?? I’m not quite a pizza craze kinda person but I do like pepperoni pizza …
    2. What’s your favorite smell in the whole world ?? My favorite smell is definitely no smell ( yeah i know I’m weird )
    3. Did you ever have braces?? I Never had braces but my teeth are a bit crooked so I somewhat wish my parents would have done it when I was younger coz I can’t have braces now!! (Team crooked teeth wassup)
    4. Have you ever broken a bone or gotten stitches?? I have never gotten stitches or broken a bone and I’m really thankful to God ,i do not take the gift of health and life for granted.
    5. What movie could you watch again and again??Haha,, I don’t know , I think every movie that I’ve ever watched when I was in highschool is worth repeating forever!!

      3 thangs about me 

      • I’m 100% antisocial if you don’t approach me or start the conversation your basically never gonna hear from me!!
      • I dislike people who judge or critise me because of my religion or those that try to put me in a box !!
      • I never thought I’d ever be interested in writing or even the beauty and hair industry!!

        My favorite post is Bizarre Beauty Trends Throughout History I put in so much efforts in to this post and a lot of research to and it was really fun knowing the trend’s!! 

        This was the toughest part I have so many favourite blog and bloggers and I’ll only chose 8 but if you want to be added so I can hit 10 or even 20 drop ya link on the comment section ✌✌

        1. Maniwitch
        2. The black Beauty
        3. Doing it natural
        4. Beauty in blogs
        5. The dream
        6. Siyana online 
        7. Call me Nadia
        8. Lenaracic 

            I don’t have questions so y’all just answer the 5 questions I answered from Cassie ✌

            Thank you so much cassie for the nomination 💜 go check ger blog out and give her a follow .I’m done for today thank you so much for 222 follows, I appreciate you all.

            ✌ Peace out ✌


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