Wanji’s poetry

Geemss 💎

Welcome to wanji’s poetry.

We’ve all wished for control over everything,death,love,school basically life at large.How would we fare though?personally I think everything would be a huge mess,yes bigger that the mess we have already created as a human race!!


The world is in your hands now
You got the full Swing,wow
How much more can you do
What much more can you be
Are you better than the rest
Are you worthy of this test
Call me a greedy pest
My imagination chest
Locked up within reach
We all trying to be rich
Quick to reach the witch
Patience thrown in the pit
The world in humans hands
An abomination commands
Knowing it all ,the pretence
What if the world was in your hands
Would you be better than the rest

How was it??

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I love y’all 493 (so close to 500)

✌Peace out ✌


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